Ossipee Lake House
Ossipee Lake House • 34 Long Sands Road • Center Ossipee, NH 03814 • Phone:  303-546-6400



Frequently Asked Questions: Ossipee Lake House -- Lakefront Vacation Rental

Ossipee Lake House

34 Long Sands Road

Center Ossipee, NH 03814

New Hampshire Lakes Region and at Gateway to the White Mountains for All Seasons Recreation

Right next to lake with gentle smooth naturally sandy bottom for comfort and safety

Very spacious great room with fieldstone fireplace -- spacious comfort for you, your family, your guests

• 5 Bedrooms + Bunk Bed Room • 4 Bathrooms • Beds for 12 •

Large Deck next to and overlooking lake and mountains

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does it cost to rent the lake house?

A: Here is the rate structure for all times of the year including 2017:
  • Rent for minimum of 7 nights
    • May -- $3,500/week
    • June -- $4,500/week (Saturday check-in)
    • July and August -- $6,000/week (Saturday check-in)
    • September -- $4,500/week
    • October and November -- $3,500/week
    • December through April, except Christmas and New Years weeks -- $3,000
    • Christmas & New Years weeks -- $4,000/week
  • Plus 9% NH lodging tax
  • Plus $465 housekeeping fee
  • $500 damage deposit refunded based on condition of property at time of checkout.
  • Optional: $200 refundable damage deposit to use the weight training equipment in the exercise room (otherwise it is locked to inhibit its use). More information on the exercise room and its equipment
  • Optional: $500 insurance for $50 (Note: in case of damage or missing materials the deposit is charged first and then the insurance).

Minimum stay and check-in days:
  • 1 week (7 night) minimum stay for all weeks
  • June/July/August check-in is on Saturday, other months check-in is flexible

Q: You call this a "Lake House" how close is it to the lake? -- Some places are a surprising distance from the water and I want a place on the lake.

A: Ossipee Lake House is next to the water -- the deck and screened porch are about the length of a car from the water. No lake house is closer to the water than Ossipee Lake House. Another thing--Ossipee Lake House is REALLY ON THE LAKE with full lake views. Before we bought this wonderful lake house we looked at dozens of places and were surprised at how many "lake houses" were on bays, coves and other bodies of water that led to a lake, but were not really on the main lake, compromising views and use of the lake and did not provide the full joy that a lake house should provide. Ossipee Lake House is right on the main part of Ossipee Lake.

Q: What's with the gently sloping sandy lake bottom that you keep emphasizing?

A: The Long Sands section of Ossipee Lake is a geologic anomaly that led to an enormous natural accumulation of fine grain uniform sand at our end of Ossipee Lake. The result is a sandy lake bottom that very gently slopes out from the shore, producing a perfect environment for wading and playing in the water. Unlike other areas, the lake gently slopes away from shore without steep drop-offs or slippery rocks. One of the novelties from this lake bottom is walking out to a boat on the mooring by wading through the water barefoot on the sand. All of the pictures of Ossipee Lake House taken from the lake were taken by me walking out into the lake into water that ranged in depth from about ankle deep to about six inches above the knee. We can thank the prevailing winds that blew finely eroded rock particles (sand) from the nearby mountains into the bowl that holds Ossipee Lake followed by the natural wave action that moved the sand over to the Long Sands end of the lake. Our children and grandchildren have wonderful times playing for hours on end in the water on this marvelous kid-friendly naturally sandy lake bottom.

Q: Are there grocery stores nearby?

A: Yes. An excellent general store (Abbott & Staples) is less than a 5 minute drive and a very nice Hannaford's supermarket is about a 10 minute drive near Routes 16 and 25. For more information: click here.

Q: Where does the water come from? -- I do not like the idea of drinking lake water.

A: During your stay at Ossipee Lake House your water comes from our exclusive private deep rock (artesian) well, not lake water, and is double filtered to provide clear refreshing water without added chlorine or fluoride. This superb water is like the premium bottled water sold in stores, only it comes straight from our private deep rock well and directly out of the faucet to you. This water also goes to the chilled water dispenser in the door of the refrigerator so that you, your family, and your guests can conveniently get all the refreshing chilled water desired.

Q: What is provided along with our stay at Ossipee Lake House?

A: Following is a brief list. For an extensive list go to the amenities page and for illustrations of the kitchen amenities in the cabinets and drawers click here. Ossipee Lake House provides: Fully equipped and stocked kitchen (including built in electric cooktop, self-cleaning oven, side-by-side refrigerator with through-the-door ice and chilled water dispensing, Jenn-Air indoor grill and griddle, microwave, dishwasher, dishes, flatware, cookware, serving ware, and small appliances), kitchen consumables (paper towels, dish and dishwasher detergent, trash bags), personal care items (shampoo, conditioning rinse, shower gel, toilet paper) in all bathrooms. Ladies will probably want to bring their hair dryers. Ossipee Lake House has a clothes washer (including detergent) and dryer. Ossipee Lake House provides everything needed for sleeping in the beds and towels and washcloths. A substantial initial supply of firewood is provided. Free long distance telephone (U.S. and Canada), free high speed internet access via WiFi, flat panel television with cable access to over 250 channels including ESPN and the NFL network, an exercise room with professional quality equipment, propane grill on covered screened porch for all weather grilling.

Q: Where is your favorite place to sleep -- I see that there are "beds for 12" and 5 bedrooms plus the bunk bed room.

A: Remarkably, my favorite place to sleep is on either of the couches in the great room, even though we do not list these two additional sleeping locations as part of the sleeping accommodations. These couches are very comfortable. During warm weather I like to open the sliding glass doors to the deck and lake and fall asleep listening to the night sounds, including the haunting calls from the loons. It is almost like camping as the cool lake breezes waft into the great room (only with the benefits of having the screendoors closed). During winter nothing beats starting a fire and falling asleep on the couch listening to the fire crackle and then watching the embers glow in the dark (with the fireplace screen in place). By the way, all of the bedrooms are very comfortable and quiet and provide privacy. They either have one king bed, one queen bed, or two full-size twin beds. The bunk bed room has a bunk bed with two twin beds. We do not pack extra beds into rooms to fluff up the sleeping capacity count at the cost of removing night-time privacy and quiet.

Q: What should we consider bringing other than the basics?

A: To reduce the amount of dishwashing, you may wish to bring paper plates, plastic flatware, and cups. Bringing a Sharpie pen to write names on plastic cups is a good idea (although the Pink Basket--see below--often has Sharpies in it). You might also want to bring coffee. If you have a boat, Ossipee Lake House has a mooring for it. You can also rent boats at nearby marinas. If you bring a boat, remember to bring life jackets. Inflatable toys are fun on the lake as well. Bringing your fishing gear and obtaining a New Hampshire fishing license are all that you need for fishing. Bring hiking boots or other comfortable footwear for hikes. Sunscreen is often handy.

Q: What about bringing bug spray?

A: The lake breeze tremendously suppresses and often effectively eliminates flying insect activity on the deck (The deck faces the lake and breezes come off the lake onto the deck). Walking, wading, and playing in the water or being in a boat such as a canoe is over the water, so bug spray is not really needed. Hiking in the spring and summer will often benefit from having applied insect repellent such as bug spray. Many evenings are spent on the screened porch and, of course, bugs are kept out of there.

Q: To enjoy the lake what footwear should we consider bringing?

A: Barefoot walking and wading long distances on the smooth sandy lake bottom is a special treat at Ossipee Lake House so no footwear is needed for that. If you bring a boat or rent one then flip-flops or other easy on/off shoes are handy. I always canoe barefoot but others often prefer footwear.

Q: How does arrival work?

A: Check in time is 4:00 P.M. or later. Ossipee Lake House uses a keyless electronic lock so you do not need to worry about getting or losing keys. Your electronic access code will be emailed to you before you arrive. For more information click here.

Q: How does departure work?

A: Check out time is 10:00 A.M. For a checkout checklist click here.

Q: Where can I get internet access?

A: We have broadband WiFi at Ossipee Lake House. Your welcome information packet provided before your stay will contain the guest login password.

Q: Is there cell reception at the lake house?

A: Verizon Wireless has excellent 4G coverage at Ossipee Lake House. Other carriers may also work.

Q: Is a BBQ grill available?

A: Yes. The covered screened porch has a propane grill that may be used year-round. Please clean the grill after use. Vinegar (which we provide) works extremely well for cleaning the hot grill using the wire brush we also provide.

Q: Can we bring our boat?

A: We encourage you to bring your boat and use the Ossipee Lake House Mooring. The smooth naturally sandy lake bottom at Ossipee Lake House allows you to walk comfortably through the water to the mooring.

Q: Where can we launch our boat so that we can use the Ossipee Lake House Mooring during our stay?

A: The Pine River public boat launch is a quick 5 minutes away (2.6 miles) away up Route 25 near the intersection of Routes 25 and 16. For a map from Ossipee Lake House to the boat launch click here.

Q: Do we need to tell you that we are bringing our boat to moor at the Ossipee Lake House Mooring?

A: No. We have made arrangements with the State of New Hampshire that any of our guests' boats may use our mooring.

Q: Can we rent boats, canoes, kayaks, jetskis?

A: Local marinas rent boats and one is about a 10 minute walk along a trail from Ossipee Lake House (or a 5 minute drive along the road). For more information click here.

Q: I plan to rent a boat (possibly for a week) -- what do I need to do to moor it at the Ossipee Lake House Mooring?

A: Nothing other than moor it in the usual way. We have made arrangements with the State of New Hampshire that any of our guests' boats may use our mooring.

By the way, renting a boat for multiple days is a good idea because close-by marinas offer discounts for multi-day rentals. For more information click here.

Q: What boating education certification is required to operate a boat on New Hampshire lakes?

A: New Hampshire requires boating education certification for anyone who operates a motorboat over 25 horsepower. One from another state may be valid--for more information click here for NH Department of Safety information. Temporary 14 day certificates are also available to individuals at least 16 years old (Click here for information on 14 Day Temporary Safe Boating Certificate). Two close-by marinas (Lakefront Landing Marina Phone: (603) 539-4245 and Ossipee Lake Marina Phone: (603) 539-8456) are agents for the State of New Hampshire and offer training and certification for 14 day temporary certificates. Lakeside Landing Marina is about a 10 minute walk along a trail from Ossipee Lake House (or a 5 minute drive along the road). For more information on the locations of these marinas click here.

Q: What are the fishing license requirements so that I can enjoy fishing with my family and friends on Ossipee Lake and other waters?

A: New Hampshire welcomes everyone to its fine fishing and minors under 16 years old do not need a fishing license. Others may purchase one online: click here to buy a fishing license online and go to the bottom of the page. (Fishing licenses may be purchased the first time online but not hunting licenses.) For more information about fishing and fishing licenses go to more information on fishing in NH.

Q: Getting on snowmobile trails directly from Ossipee Lake House sounds great. What are the license requirements?

A: State law requires that all operators 12 years of age and over possess either a valid Motor Vehicle Driver’s License or have successfully completed an approved OHRV or Snowmobile Safety Education Class, which may be done online. Click here for more information on license requirements and click here to find out about online classes.

Q: Is there a washer and dryer and what about an iron and ironing board?

A: A washer and dryer are at Ossipee Lake House and we provide laundry detergent so you do not need to bring any or buy any. An iron and ironing board are also in the laundry room. The washer and dryer are not large models, yet they have served us and our guests well for years to run loads from time to time so there is no need to bring lots of clothes.

Q: We have young children and they spill Cheerios and similar things. Is there a vacuum cleaner so that we can clean up easily?

A: Yes, there is a vacuum cleaner as well as a nice broom and dust pan. A light weight easy-to-pick-up Dirt Devil was selected precisely to make it easy for quick clean-ups. One of the nice things about staying at Ossipee Lake House is that we understand having children (we have four sons and they now have their own children who have stayed and played at Ossipee Lake House).

Q: What about miscellaneous items such as string, tape, pens and pencils?

A: On the kitchen counter next to the refrigerator is the Pink Basket. The Pink Basket is where miscellaneous items find a home. We do not actively stock the Pink Basket but you are welcome to use what you find there and we encourage our guests to leave miscellaneous items that they purchase. At the moment I write this information the Pink Basket contains pencils, pens, note paper, transparent tape, a mending kit (needles, thread, thimbles), Sharpies, scissors, tape, local maps, string (handy for trussing and lacing stuffed turkeys for holiday meals), and similar items. If you have mending kits from hotels they are always welcome additions to help others relieve the annoyance of buttons that pop off and similar minor irritations.

Q: How does using the exercise room work?

A: The Concept 2 rowing machine is always available. It operates very smoothly and has upgraded electronics and new seat bearings. The weight training equipment includes a professional quality cross-over cable machine, Olympic style weights (45 lb bar with weights), and a bench press and squat rack and lat pull-down bar. The weight training equipment is locked to inhibit casual use, such as by children or others who do not know that improper use can be dangerous to themselves or others or damage the equipment. I installed this equipment because it is what I use for workouts and for my family and our guests to use. Now that Ossipee Lake House is a vacation rental, Ossipee Lake House is happy to let guests use the weight training equipment but an additional Liability Waiver & Damage Addendum and refundable $200 damage deposit are required before the equipment is unlocked. The additional Liability Waiver requires, among other things, acknowledging that the users know how to use the equipment and the risks associated with it, such as the dangers associated with dropping weights or weight stacks and frees Ossipee Lake House from any damage claims. The Damage Addendum requires, for example, acknowledging that dropping the weight stack on the cross-over cable machine can crack weight plates and replacing and repairing them is expensive.

Q: Can we stay just 2 nights?

A: The reason for the minimum stay is that it takes three people about 6 hours each to do all of the cleaning, laundry and making up beds after each stay. Depending on schedules and group specifics, we may be able to have a 2 night stay, contact us to explore options. Phone:  303-546-6400 or email GuestServices@OssipeeLakeHouse.com.

Q: What is your pet policy / smoking policy?

A: To help ensure that we can properly prepare for all of our guests and to protect the large investment we have in Ossipee Lake House, we have a no pets, no smoking policy.

Q: Can I see streaming video of the property or the lake? / Do you have security cameras?

A: Some vacation properties stream video but we do not because we value the privacy of our guests. We have installed a video camera looking down the driveway from inside the laundry room but we do not stream video. As you can see in the nearby image, Ossipee Lake House has a long driveway and front yard as well as the wetlands forest we own across the street. The camera is located at the top of the laundry room window. This camera is not a security camera. We only occasionally use the camera to check for problems including whether an animal has tipped over a trash can and spread trash into the driveway and it helps us monitor the weather such as when heavy snowfall occurs. Please be careful to not touch the camera or unplug the camera’s power.

Camera view down driveway

Q: What environmentally friendly features does Ossipee Lake House have?

A: Ossipee Lake House has numerous environmentally friendly features.
  • Ossipee Lake House was ahead of its time when it was built by having much more extensive insulation than other buildings of its era. That insulation translates into reduced fuel consumption during the winter and allows natural cooling during the summer.
  • The fieldstone fireplace in the great room has an energy conserving insert that has a double steel wall and blower that pushes room air between the steel walls to heat the air and the room using the wood burned in the fireplace insert. Using the fireplace insert heats the great room using wood as the fuel, reducing fuel oil consumption and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Ossipee Lake House helps protect the environment and reduce greenhouse gas emissions during the summer by not using artificial electric air-conditioning. Ossipee Lake House takes advantage of the cool lake breezes, superb shade from the trees next to it, its many ceiling fans, and its insulation to stay cool in the summer. All of the windows in all of the rooms open to let natural breezes provide fresh lake and forest scented air into every room. Of course, all of the large sliding glass doors open to fill the great room with wonderful refreshing air from the lake breezes. Those sliding glass doors you see in the photographs are new ones to provide superb sealing from drafts in the winter and exceptionally easy operation for walking out to the deck during warm weather.
  • Ossipee Lake House has many ceiling fans to reduce energy use and help keep you comfortable. Ceiling fans are in the great room (two of them), the kitchen, all of the upstairs bedrooms, the exercise room, and the screened porch.
  • Energy efficient LED lighting in the light fixtures that are used extensively help protect the environment and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Using LED lighting includes all of the lights in the kitchen (except for the oven light and the refrigerator light), the great room (including above the large dining table), all of the bedrooms and the bunk bed room, all of the bathrooms, the laundry room, the hallways, and the screened porch. The conversion to energy efficient LED lighting includes the lights above the fieldstone fireplace in the great room so you may use those without worrying about consuming copious amounts of electricity.
  • Ossipee Lake House uses nature's own microbes to take care of waste in the natural decomposition processes that occur in the septic system.

Q: I understand that one of Ossipee Lake House's environmentally friendly features is that it uses a natural septic system -- what precautions do I need to take to keep it healthy?

A: Just use simple common sense and remember that the microbes only break down natural materials and do not eat plastic. Therefore, if something has plastic, such a disposable diaper, do not flush it down a toilet (instead, put it in a trash bag and in the trash). This need to not flush plastic (or run it into the garbage disposal) includes foam cups and plates. So that you do not need to shop for or supply them, Ossipee Lake House supplies paper towels, toilet paper, and soaps and detergents and those are compatible with the septic system.

Q: Why do people stay at Ossipee Lake House?

A: The short answer is to make great memories with family and friends. The superb views, wonderful serenity, and marvelous smooth gently sloping naturally sandy lake bottom set Ossipee Lake House apart from other lake houses. The proximity to year round vacation activities and spacious openness of the villa will all help you, your family, and your friends make special memories at Ossipee Lake House.

Q: Who do we contact if there is a problem with anything?

A: Call 303-546-6400