Ossipee Lake House
Ossipee Lake House • 34 Long Sands Road • Center Ossipee, NH 03814 • Phone:  303-546-6400



Arrival / Departure Information and Policies for Ossipee Lake House

Ossipee Lake House

34 Long Sands Road

Center Ossipee, NH 03814

New Hampshire Lakes Region and at Gateway to the White Mountains for All Seasons Recreation

Right next to lake with gentle smooth naturally sandy bottom for comfort and safety

Very spacious great room with fieldstone fireplace -- spacious comfort for you, your family, your guests

• 5 Bedrooms + Bunk Bed Room • 4 Bathrooms • Beds for 12

Large Deck next to and overlooking lake and mountains

  • Arrival Confirmation Email: Prior to arrival the primary renter listed on rental agreement will receive an Arrival Confirmation by email. That Arrival Confirmation will contain all of the details for your stay. The information includes the keyless codes required for entry into Ossipee Lake House. Please print the Arrival Confirmation Email or otherwise save the information in case cell coverage is an issue with your carrier. For security reasons we only provide the arrival confirmation to the person named on the rental agreement. The renter needs to provide the arrival information to the rest of any group if the arrival times differ.
  • Keyless Entry: When you arrive you will find a keyless electronic lock on the front entry door. Using the keyless electronic lock is very easy -- simply follow both of the steps described in the Arrival Confirmation Email. You will lock the door when leaving by pushing one button on the electronic lock. You do not need to worry about losing or returning keys.
  • Caretaker Services: Should you experience any repair and maintenance issues during your stay please call 303-546-6400.
  • Check-In Time is 4:00 P.M. unless prior arrangements have been made. Please do not arrive until the property is ready for occupancy. We will attempt to allow early luggage drop-off, please email us at GuestServices@OssipeeLakeHouse.com so that we can coordinate the housekeeping team. Every effort is made to have the premises ready for guest occupancy at check-in time, but we cannot guarantee the exact time of occupancy with back-to-back reservations.
  • Check-Out Time is 10:00 A.M. This is very important -- Ossipee Lake House is large and the housekeeping crew needs considerable time to do the premium quality job that you and our other discerning guests expect.
  • Driving Directions: For driving and other travel information click here.
  • Boat Registration and Operator Certification: Vessels registered in another state may operate on New Hampshire waters for 30 consecutive days before a New Hampshire registration is required.
    Boat operators will need a boating education certificate and one from another state may be valid-- For details CLICK HERE . Temporary 14 day certificates are also available 14 Day Temporary Safe Boating Certificate and two close-by marinas Lakefront Landing Marina and Ossipee Lake Marina offer training and certification for 14 day temporary certificates.
    Nothing special needs to be done to use our mooring. We have made arrangements with the State of New Hampshire that any of our guests' boats may use our mooring.

  • Use the driveway as the primary parking location -- it is the most convenient and plentiful.
  • Parking is also permitted on Long Sands Road in front of Ossipee Lake House. To allow free flow of traffic, please, only park on the side of the road next to the property, not on the forest side of the road.
  • Never drive or park anywhere on the front lawn: Ossipee Lake House uses a carefully designed environmentally friendly natural septic waste disposal system that is buried under the lawn and its flawless performance for decades can continue only if it remains undamaged. This buried system is completely invisible when walking or playing on the lawn but driving or parking on the lawn can damage it and we will be forced to charge you for expensive repairs if driving or parking on the lawn occurs during your stay.
  • RV parking in the driveway is limited to RVs that can make the turn from Long Sands Road between the light posts at the entrance to the driveway. Never drive an RV across the lawn to get to or from the driveway.

  • Accidental Damage Insurance: Guests purchasing the optional insurance are covered up to $500.00 (US Dollars) in accidental damage insurance. Your Damage Deposit is used first before the Accidental Damage Insurance kicks in. Any damage exceeding the total of the Damage Deposit and the amount of the Accidental Damage Insurance will be the responsibility of the renter listed in the rental agreement. Failure to report any damage prior to departure voids the accidental damage insurance.
  • We understand that even careful people occasionally have accidents, such as when an occasional dish is broken or a screendoor screen is pushed through (we understand what kids and grandkids do). Please be careful and if something is broken promptly report it to us so that we can repair or replace what has been damaged.
  • Please be careful and on a case-by-case basis we will evaluate what needs to be done when breakage or damage occurs. We are much more interested in your having an enjoyable visit without worrying about every little thing than we are interested in nickel and diming guests for things that break.

  • The terms of the rental agreement state that the home is to be left in a neat and orderly condition (same condition it was in when you arrived).
  • To avoid misunderstandings, please remember that the cleaning fee covers a high quality hygiene clean but not deep cleaning.
  • Reasonable care is all that is required to avoid excess cleaning fees.
  • Unfortunately, some guests think that the cleaning fee allows leaving the property in any condition that they choose which is why we clarify what guests should do in the list below.
  • • Any extra time spent for cleaning beyond the allotted time schedule will be billed to the security deposit as an excess fee at $30.00 per hour.•

  • Departure Check List
    • If you moved furniture, please move all of it back to the original locations.
    • If you used any of the folding furniture (such as by the elevated outdoor fire pit or on the deck), refold it and put it inside the screened porch.
    • If you used the fireplace do not remove the ashes. We will take care of that task.
    • If you used the outdoor fire pit do not remove the ashes. We will take care of that task.
    • Please, leave the kitchen the way it was when you arrived.
      • Dishes and other items put away or left clean in the dishwasher : photographs of all cabinets and drawers are in the kitchen so that you can find things and so that things can be put back where they belong.
      • If you are unsure where something goes, leave it on the counter -- do not guess -- so that the housekeeping crew does not need to search for things that may be missing.
      • Coffee maker clean and coffee grounds removed.
      • Microwave left clean.
      • Griddles left clean.
      • Grills left free of encrusted materials.
        • We understand that some discoloration will remain but no burned deposits should remain.
        • We provide a wire brush and vinegar (which works very well on a hot grill) for cleaning.
      • Refrigerator (including the freezer side)
        • Left clean without spills or unpleasant odors.
        • Generally free of food, if unopened items remain the housekeeping crew will donate them to the foodbank.
      • Cupboards and drawers reserved for guests: please take all of the food that you provided from the cupboards and drawers and either bring it with you, throw away items that have been opened, or leave unopened items on the counters. The housekeeping crew will donate unopened items to the foodbank.
      • Oven: inside of the oven, oven racks to be left clean.
      • Cooktop: surfaces left clean. This result is facilitated by carefully and promptly cleaning cooking spills.
    • Beds: You do not need to strip the sheets off the beds. Leave linens, blankets and covers flat on each bed and stack pillows neatly on top. Please confirm that the bedding and pillows are placed in the bedrooms where you found them.
    • Place soiled bath towels and other linens in the laundry baskets located inside the bedroom closets, time spent searching for missing towels is considered to be an excess fee.
    • During your stay and at the end of the stay, please take all trash and recycling from the kitchen and bathrooms to the outside receptacles.
    • Place all three (3) remote controllers (cable box controller, television controller, stereo amplifier controller) back in front of the flat screen television in the great room.
    • Carefully put puzzles and games back in their boxes in a manner such that these items are as you would like to find them when you open the boxes. Put the game and puzzle boxes on the game shelf in the hall closet by the bunk bed room.
    • Set the thermostat (between the bedrooms on the first floor) to 55 degrees when you leave during winter months (please DO NOT turn heat off as pipes can freeze).
    • Turn off all lights and fans.
    • Close and lock the sliding doors to the deck from the great room.
    • Close and lock the sliding door to the screened porch from the exercise room.
    • Close and lock the windows.
    • Close and lock (from the inside) the double front door if you used it.
    • Close and lock the entry door leading to the driveway with the electronic lock.
    • Finally, thank you for staying at Ossipee Lake House.

The great room fireplace with its insert has detailed instructions posted. Safety and enjoyment require following those instructions. Among the instructions:
  • If you have any doubts about how to use the fireplace and insert please call 303-546-6400 -- your safety, comfort, and enjoyment are our top concerns during your stay.
  • ONLY BURN WOOD, except for fire starting newspapers. This restriction includes never burning trash.
  • NEVER USE LIQUIDS such as lighter fluid, gasoline, lamp oil, or other flammable liquid to start or accelerate a fire.
  • ALWAYS PLACE THE SCREEN IN FRONT OF THE FIREPLACE, even if the doors to the insert are closed.
  • Ossipee Lake House supplies a sizeable starting supply of firewood. If you wish to purchase more please contact us at Phone:  303-546-6400 or GuestServices@OssipeeLakeHouse.com.

  • No open fires outside except in the raised fire pit supplied. Do not move the raised fire pit close to or into the house or put it on the deck.
  • ABSOLUTELY NO SMOKING OF ANY SUBSTANCES ANYWHERE -- no smoking anywhere on the premises, either indoors or outdoors. Nothing needs to be smoked to enjoy Ossipee Lake House and its beautiful and magnificent environs. Failure to conform to this policy will result in forfeiting the security deposit, paying all costs associated with cleaning to remove odors and debris and repairs or replacement of all damaged items, and termination of the balance of the rental period.
  • No fireworks.
  • Do not unplug or move the emergency lights in the kitchen or bathrooms unless the power goes out when it is dark outside. These lights were carefully selected to be useable as flashlights when the power goes out but that capability does not mean that they should be used otherwise. If an absolutely essential need exists for a portable light then use the large lantern style emergency light in the laundry room, otherwise please leave it plugged in.
  • Do not move the fire extinguishers unless they need to be used to extinguish a real fire.
  • IN CASE OF FIRE -- DIAL 911 AND EVACUATE THE PREMISES -- do not attempt to remove belongings or other material items.
  • Before starting a fire in the fireplace read the posted instructions for using the fireplace and its insert. DO NOT USE A FIRE EXTINGUISHER OR WATER TO PUT OUT A FIRE IN THE FIREPLACE INSERT -- simply close the doors and make certain that the DAMPER IS OPEN.

  • If something has plastic, such as a disposable diaper, do not flush it down a toilet (instead, put it in a trash bag and in the trash) -- One of Ossipee Lake House's environmentally friendly features is that it uses a natural septic system. The microbes only break down natural materials and do not eat plastic.
  • This need to not flush anything containing plastic (or dispose of any thing containing plastic using the garbage disposal) includes foam cups and disposable plates.
  • No feminine products or diapers should be flushed at any time.
  • So that you do not need to shop for or supply them, Ossipee Lake House supplies paper towels, toilet paper, and soaps and detergents and those are compatible with the septic system.

  • All trash, including from the kitchen and bathrooms, must be in kitchen trash bags.
  • We supply kitchen trash bags. Look on the shelves in the laundry room if you do not find any in the bottoms of the kitchen trash cans when you remove full bags of trash.
  • All trash is combined – you do not need to separate recyclables from other trash
  • The kitchen trash container is in the alcove under the counter that has the sink and microwave. Another large trash container is in the laundry room.
  • Dirty diapers are to be placed in a separate small trash bag (bathroom size and we supply these for your convenience, look on the laundry room shelves) and can never be placed in the trash loose.
  • Put the large trash bags in the plastic trash cans by the driveway.
  • Do not put trash or anything else in the metal trash can by the driveway. The metal trash can is for our, not your, use when we dispose of ashes. You are not to dispose of ashes.
  • Do not leave excess trash. Guests will be charged an excess trash fee of $30.00/hr plus dump fees for any trash that is not in kitchen garbage bags or will not fit in the trash can.