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Ossipee Lake House
Ossipee Lake House • 34 Long Sands Road • Center Ossipee, NH 03814 • Phone:  303-546-6400



Warm Weather Fun Things to Do at Ossipee Lake House

Ossipee Lake House

34 Long Sands Road

Center Ossipee, NH 03814

Ossipee Lake House sits at the very edge of Ossipee Lake in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire and at the gateway to the White Mountains. No lake house is closer to the water than Ossipee Lake House, making it very easy to enjoy the lake. The gently sloping smooth naturally sandy lake bottom makes it easy to use the water without the slippery rocks or steep drop-offs commonly found at other lakes.


Walks IN the water -- Walk in the water depth that suits you -- we like knee deep to part way up the thighs for long barefoot walks on the fine sandy lake bottom. The smooth sandy lake bottom makes it a pleasure to wade and walk in the water for hundreds of feet into the lake as well as to walk through the water along the lake out from the shore.

looking back from shallow water


Boating -- use our mooring with either your boat or one that you rent from a nearby marina. More information on boating


Canoeing and kayaking using either your boat or one that you rent locally. More information on canoeing & kayaking


Swimming out the door in the lake with its smooth sandy bottom -- no rocky bottom or dangerous steep drop-offs.


Water skiing -- the lake is often smooth and perfect, especially in the morning, as shown in this panorama scene from the deck. More information on boating & water skiing

panorama of Ossipee Lake in the morning


Watch the ducks (and ducklings) and loons from the deck as they swim by and listen to the enchanting calls of loons in the evening and night.


Golf -- two fine golf courses nearby, one less than a 10 minute drive. More information on nearby golf.


Tennis -- walk to courts in 10 minutes (or 1 minute drive). More information on neighborhood tennis courts.


Hiking -- out the door and throughout the area. More information on hiking


Biking -- mountain biking and road bike trips out the door and in the area. More information on biking


Aerial Adventure -- Treetop outdoor adventure and zipline parks nearby. More information on aerial and zipline adventures


Museums, Theater, Dining -- Scroll down below the big map below or jump there by clicking here

The following map shows the location of Ossipee Lake House and some of the many warm weather recreation highlights of the area. For a map showing all season recreation as well as dining and other activities click here

Besides the items shown, the map can be zoomed out to see a larger area and you can also switch between the map view and satellite view to get a sense of what this wonderful area has to offer with its mountains and charm.

You can easily fill weeks enjoying Ossipee Lake, hiking the woods and mountains, bicycling, and taking trips to nearby areas.


A wonderful trip is heading to Mount Washington, through North Conway. You can stop for dinner on the way back in North Conway or one of the local restaurants near Ossipee Lake House if you wish, or you can cook a special meal at Ossipee Lake House using either the fully equipped kitchen or propane grill on the screened porch. Dining next to the lake on the deck or in the screened porch after a busy day and watching the sun set over the lake and then listening to the loons caps perfect days.


We encourage you to also visit North Conway, about 40 minutes north through beautiful scenic areas, to enjoy its dining establishments and factory outlet stores.
MAJOR HINT FROM EXPERIENCE: During the seasons when many visitors go to North Conway (especially weekends during summer and fall foliage season) you can avoid serious traffic delays by travelling to North Conway via Rt 153 and Rt 302, instead of Rt 16, as shown on this map (click for larger version)


Similarly, we encourage you to visit Portland, Maine, about 70 minutes east and an easy scenic drive, to enjoy the coast. In particular, we highly recommend the Portland Head Light just south of Portland in Cape Elizabeth, a classic lighthouse in an area that showcases the Atlantic ocean as it pounds and surges against rugged rocks.


Map Key

Boat mooring (we have our own mooring just walk out to it from the house: bring your boat)

Boat Launch--launch your boat nearby then moor it at our mooring during your stay

Marinas--(launch your boat, rent boats, fuel your boat)

Water skiing



Jet skiing

Tennis--a close 10 minute walk


Golf--10 minute drive

Biking, other summer recreation

Zip Lines, Tree Top Adventures

Summer Theater

You can scroll the following map to see icons in other areas and also zoom in and out.

Clicking on an icon will give more information about that location.

Spectacular SUMMER & FALL Fun at Ossipee Lake House Vacation Rental Villa!

Perfect Water Invites Everyone into the Water!

Take a few steps down the stairs to ankle deep water with gently sloping naturally sandy bottom for wading, swimming, or power walks through the water on the perfect sandy lake bottom.

  • Walks IN the water -- Stroll out to the water depth that suits you -- we liked knee deep to part way up the thighs for long barefoot walks on the fine sandy lake bottom.

  • Gently sloping naturally sandy lake bottom without slippery rocks or sudden drop-offs perfect for wading and swimming

  • Bring your water toys!

Lake in summer afternoon

Kayaking & Canoeing

  • Kayak and canoe on the lake

  • Explore the rivers that flow into and out of Ossipee Lake.

  • A short paddle leads to where the coves and bays start and more paddling leads through them to the start of the Ossipee River.

  • One example trip takes you down the Ossipee River to Kezar Falls, Maine.

Explore coves and bays, paddling up the Pine River is fun and enters the lake at the nearby west end of Long Sands. Explore the Bearcamp River at the far end of the lake or enter the Ossipee River by paddling through bays that start nearby at the east end of Long Sands.

Bring your kayaks and canoes or rent them at a nearby marina or shop that delivers the kayaks or canoes to you.


Boating & Water Skiing!

Bring your boat and use the Ossipee Lake House mooring or rent a boat for a day or a week.

The Ossipee Lake House mooring is a short walk from the shore (yes, walk along the sandy lake bottom out to the mooring).

The Pine River public boat launch is a quick 5 minute drive from Ossipee Lake House -- launch your boat and then moor it at Ossipee Lake House for the week.

Moor your boat at our mooringMoored boat

Rent and fuel boats from two convenient marinas.
Both marinas are within a 5 minute drive, as shown in the large map above.
Lakefront Landing Marina is also about a 10 minute walk from Ossipee Lake House, using a trail through Constitution Park.
Both marinas rent ski boats, pontoon boats, and other types of boats. Ossipee Lake Marina also rents jetskis. They also rent canoes and kayaks.
For more information on each marina click on the images to the right.


Water skiing occurs during all daylight hours. The lake is particularly smooth many mornings and very skiable during the day.

Smooth lake water

Fish at Ossipee Lake or Take A Guided Fishing Expedition!

Both cold water and warm water fish are caught at Ossipee Lake. Arrange a fly fishing guided trip to Maine or New Hampshire rivers with an outstanding local guide.

Fish species found in this warm and cold water fishery include rainbow trout, lake trout, brown trout, landlocked salmon, smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, pickerel, and horned pout.

New Hampshire welcomes everyone to its fine fishing and minors under 16 years old do not need a fishing license. Others may purchase one online: click here to buy a fishing license online and go to the bottom of the page. (Fishing licenses may be purchased the first time on-line but not hunting licenses). For more information about fishing go to more information on fishing in NH.

LL Salmon, SM Bass, RainbowLandlocked Salmon, Smallmouth Bass, Rainbow Trout

Fly fish on an expertly guided wilderness trip -- to get an authentic guided fishing excursion in New Hampshire or Maine use the best guide.

Rick Estes lives in a terrific log house he built on a mountainside in Ossipee. Highly recommend Rick at Owl's Roost Outfitters as the best fly fishing guide. He really does know New Hampshire's and Maine's waters and the nooks and crannies of the area (click on the image to see why) and he loves teaching and guiding -- also great food supplied on the trips.


Wonderful golf is as close as an 8 minute drive from Ossipee Lake House.

Gorgeous 18 hole Indian Mound Golf Club -- 8 minutes and less than 5 miles around the lake from Ossipee Lake House.

For more information click here.


Province Lake Golf Club -- 13 scenic miles, 25 minutes from Ossipee Lake House
For more information click here.

Short Walk to the Tennis Courts!

Constitution Park Tennis Courts -- Peaceful and easy walk down Long Sands Road for 1/2 mile (less than 10 minutes, or less than a 1 minute drive) to Constitution Park with its well maintained public tennis courts.

Ossipee Lake House to Constitution Park Tennis Courts via Long Sands Road


Hiking starts at Ossipee Lake House or take a day trip to Mt. Washington, the White Mountains, and many dozens of other easy to get to places.

Hikes start at Ossipee Lake House -- Hiking trails start out the door along Long Sands Road.

The Long Sands region of Ossipee Lake is surrounded by forests, as seen in the satellite images. The across the street neighbors are the animals that inhabit that wetland forest. The forest across Long Sands Road from Ossipee Lake House is part of the Ossipee Lake House grounds and that property abuts the Ossipee Lake Natural Area. Being surrounded by forests on one side and the lake on the other side contributes not only to recreation but also to the serene and relaxing quality of Ossipee Lake House.

Walking out of Ossipee Lake House and turning either right or left on Long Sands Road takes you to trails.
  • Turning right and walking a few minutes brings you to the end of Long Sands Road where a trail begins that leads into the Ossipee Lake Natural Area

  • Turning left and walking a few minutes towards the entrance to Long Sands Road leads you to the Conservation Boardwalk and other trails. In the winter this is where the groomed snowmobile trails begin.

Conservation Trail at Constitution Park

Heath Pond Bog Natural Area -- an easy walk from Ossipee Lake House to a national treasure. About 1 mile (20 minute walk, 3 minute drive) to the trailhead from Ossipee Lake House.
For more information click here.

The United States Natural Park Service designated Heath Pond Bog as a Registered Natural Landmark because of its exceptional illustration of the nation's natural heritage. Ossipee Lake Alliance describes the area as follows.

New Hampshire state-owned Heath Pond Bog’s abundant flora and unspoiled character make it a special place for people who are unafraid of getting a little wet to enjoy one of the lake’s unique habitats.

The bog is colorful for three seasons of the year and is especially vibrant in the spring. It contains multiple species of rare orchids and carnivorous plants, and the banks of the pond grow over the water to create a “quaking bog” that undulates when stepped upon. An extraordinary place for bird-watching, it is also home to beavers, fishers and porcupines.

Heath Pond Bog is an extremely fragile habitat with rare species for viewing, never picking. Staying on the marked pathways will protect the preserve for future generations and help keep your feet dry.

Freedom Town Forest (Trout Pond) -- about 8 miles (14 minutes) from Ossipee Lake House.

This 2,600 acre forest has hiking trails and joins other conservation areas to produce a 5,000 acre region. For a description of the Freedom Town Forest click here and also click here.
For a trail map click on the trailmap image.
For a map from Ossipee Lake House to the Red Kiosk near Shawtown Road (this kiosk has maps and Jackman Ridge Trail parking) click on the directions map image.

Ossipee Pine Barrens -- About 10 miles (15 minutes) from Ossipee Lake House

Map from Ossipee Lake House to Ossipee Pine Barrens

Hemenway State Forest in Tamworth has many trails. About 16 miles (an easy 24 minute drive) from Ossipee Lake House.

Below are some hikes in Hemenway State Forest
Hemenway State Forest-Big Pines Natural Area

The Fire Tower -- Take a short hike up a road to the fire tower with its breathtaking panoramic views of the region. The tower is is open to the public.

Trailhead parking is where Great Hill and Hemenway Roads intersect. For a map from Ossipee Lake House click here.
Big Pines Natural Area
Big Pines Natural Area -- Very scenic and tranquil area has the Swift River and enormous white pines on the west side Hemenway State Forest.

Trailhead parking is on Rt 113A (Chinook Trail). Click here for the Google map to Big Pines Natural Area from Ossipee Lake House

  • For information on the short (25 minutes) Easy Walker Trail click here

  • For information on the Betty Steele Trail and Great Hill Fire Tower Trail from Big Pines Natural Area click here.
For a brochure that describes trails in Big Pines Natural Area and other trails in the Tamworth area click here.

Green Mountain has a nice trail to the summit that has a fire watch tower at the top offering great views of the area. The hike is 2.6 miles round-trip with 1,200 feet of elevation gain to the summit elevation of 1,883.

The trailhead is about 4.2 miles (10 minute drive) from Ossipee Lake House. This short ride to the trailhead can also be a nice bike ride, followed by the hike, and then capped with a nice bike ride back to Ossipee Lake House.

Castle in the Clouds in the Ossipee Mountains -- 30 miles, 50 minutes

Extensive hiking trails at this historic mansion. Also features museums and gardens.

For more information click here.

Biking & Mountain Biking Galore!

Bike in the local area -- both street bike and mountain bike trips nearby. For example, leave Ossipee Lake House and bike around the lake -- about 22 miles.

Click on the adjacent map for details.

Mountain biking

  • Nearby (8 miles from Ossipee Lake House) the Freedom Town Forest (an undeveloped 2,660-acre forest) connects to other conservation lands to produce 5,000 acres of contiguous forest with logging roads perfect for mountain biking. There are two nearby access points that feature small parking areas and Kiosks with maps. For more information see the Freedom Town Forest hiking section above.

  • Explore the Ossipee area or for serious (and not so serious) mountain biking you cannot beat heading 35 miles to the North Conway area. Click the map for details.

In the Middle of Where Fall Colors Erupt!

Fall Foliage -- This is THE PLACE for luxurious fall colors

  • You will be next to Route 16, THE gateway to the bursting brilliance of New Hampshire fall colors.

  • Stay at Ossipee Lake House to make special memories enjoying the colors next to Ossipee Lake

  • From Ossipee Lake House make even more special memories by taking the side roads and trails for your own special trips by automobile, bicycle, and hiking.

Fall Foliage

ZipLine and Aerial Outdoor Adventures

Nearby outdoor adventure parks include the following two areas.

MonkeyTrunks -- About 16 miles (20 minutes) from Ossipee Lake House.
6 ziplines over and through the trees - Two of which have two rider side-by-side.
Challenges that include swinging beams, tightropes, rolling logs, hanging tires, cargo nets and more!
Enjoy all of these activities as low as 10 feet and as high as 55 feet above the ground!
For more information click here.


Cranmore Mountain -- About 25 miles (40 minutes) from Ossipee Lake House.
Aerial forest ropes courses, Mountain Coaster, ziplines, mountain tubing hill
For more information click here.

Cranmore Mountain Adventure Park

Other fun Summer and Fall recreation opportunities at Ossipee Lake House

Barnstormers Theater -- Professional summer theater since 1931 presenting gems of American and British theatre in June, July, and August.

For more information click on the image to the right.

Castle in the Clouds -- magnificent historic mansion perched on top of a mountain in the Ossipee Mountains. Museum, extensive hiking trails, gardens. For more information click here.

Excellent dining -- Close by (see map by clicking here) and also in North Conway, about 40 minutes up Route 16.
For starters we suggest:

Year round Remick Country Doctor Museum & Farm.
Great fun for kids of all ages as well as adults of all ages. Features a working farm with excellent guides describing the farm's operations and equipment, with focus on the historic ways things are done. The house is both a museum and craft education center.

For more information click here

Wright Museum of World War II -- World War II changed our country and this museum features memorabilia of American life from 1939 to 1945 and is dedicated to celebrating Americans' sacrifices and achievements during WW II. Features American life before the war and how life changes during the war. Much more than a war museum and also has equipment and weapons used during WW II.

For more information click here.

Wright Museum Montage

Portland Head Light in Cape Elizabeth, Maine, near Portland -- The lighthouse grounds and those of adjoining Fort Williams Park are open year-round. The museum in the lighthouse opens during the spring and summer and part of the fall -- check the website below for details.

The majesty of the Atlantic Ocean as it pounds and surges against rugged rocks is spectacular.

For more information on this classic lighthouse click here.